CHIMI Eyewear: Summer, Colour and Mojitos!!!!
March 5, 2020 Fashion / Frames / website

CHIMI Eyewear: Summer, Colour and Mojitos!!!!

Clérigos In says welcome to CHIMI sunglasses collection, a unique Swedish brand that was made to colour and brighten our lives, like a warm sunbeam on midwinter. An explosion of colours and shapes that make us loose our mind!!!

It is impossible to choose just one. Maybe two pairs? Three? Why not? They have 11 different colours and 8 shapes available just in the main collection (we really can’t tell you which one is the coolest…). Besides this collection, there is a stunning unique line called “LASER” where they risk it all: a totally irreverent and alternative line that was born from several experiences with high technology where the limits are exceeded and challenged. And there is more… The brand has also created a few special collaborations with designers and friends they admire to surprise it’s fans and offer unique and distinct editions with their own personality: SEOULxCHIMI – Sundae School, and VOSxCHIMI are some examples.

Every frame is made with the best Italian Mazzucchelli acetate and the wide range of lenses available make them extremelly versatile for every day of the year, from the super sunny to the cloudy ones. What will be your shape? What colour will you choose? From Açai to Kiwi, Litchi or Coconut, dare to venture out on this tropical adventure, and colour your life with us and CHIMI Eyewear, by making the sun shine all year long. And don’t forget the Mojito of course; it goes wonderful with your CHIMI’s!

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