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An example of strength when everything is changing.

Anne Dickhardt is a German woman, she created one fantastic brand at 2015, the famous “ANY DI“ available at Clérigos In! She created this fabulous brand after an accident. Before that, she was a tennis player and traveled the all world showing her talent . She believed that her future would be based on this sport, she worked hard for that goal, but life changed her plans, and the sports accident at 17, made it impossible . After this… the question was… what to do now?

Everything you want!!! She decided explore her older passion, the design. Nowadays, she is a successful businesswoman! She created a super fashion solution for a urban people,she designed a different model of glasses cases, for all types of prescription frames or sunglasses, it’s one of our best-sellers in the store..It´s a very smart option, for those who like to use small bags, or for those who like to make a difference anywhere through their style. So… it´s perfect for everyone!!!… Think about that situation… you walking around in the gardens of your city, for make a little bit exercise, or just breathing a fresh air, without handbags or pockets, but your sunglasses are indispensable…( because its important protect your eyes everywhere, with or without sunny days, because UV are presents ever) and you don’t need your hands for transporting or holding your sunglasses, you can use your hands for cell phone or hold a book, because you can put your Any Di´s case hanging on your belt!!!!It isn´t perfect???? They have funny models, with many colors… made with leather and gold plated metal things, for become anti-allergic . These designs are patented by the brand, from Munich, German.

In our life’s we need follow examples like Anne Dickhardt . Stop aren´t an option, we have the ability for adaptation at any situation, sometimes we need lost something for see new and better options for us and our lifes. So if you loose something… a job…an opportunity… use it at your favor, reinvent yourself, explore your capacities, you´ll be surprise with your unknown skills .

Stay Safe, with love, Clérigos In.