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Art Inspiration – Clérigos In

Good morning dear friends! I hope you´re okay!!!

Today, I´m going to use very few words, because in fact, what I really want is for you to enjoy the gallery of images on this article!

I will show you some models of sunglasses, unisex, from alternative brands that we have available in physical store Clerigos In or online.

So.. How did I make this selection? Well … I contemplated and let myself be inspired by these beautiful works. Important paintings by renowned painters, where we can easily identify various artistic movements. Will you be able to guess everyone before reading the caption?

I decided to focus on the colors and above all on the emotions that these beautiful screens convey to us. Discover with us what Salvador Dali has in common with our favorite brand Thierry Lasry.

I hope you like it!!!!

Have a creative day and be someone’s inspiration!

Lady Lilith – Dante Gabriel Rossetti ( Romantismo)
Delaware Art Museum

A persistência da memória – Salvador Dali ( Surrealismo)
The museum of Modern Art
The dessert: Harmony in Red – Henry Matisse (Fauvrismo)
Hermitage Museum
Os camponeses comendo Batatas Van Gogh (Realismo)
Vag Gogh Museum
Orange Prince – Andy Warhol (Pop Art)
Private collector
O Grito – Edvard Munch ( Expressionismo)
National Gallery, Oslo

Spread Love, Clérigos In