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Ragyard – True Sustainability

Hello colorful world!!!!! I hope you find it and with energy to start a new week! today i’ll introduce you a very pretty brand that we have in Clerigos In, your favourite concept store.! It is beautiful in design, but much more in concept.

More than ever, we have to worry about preserving our planet, each of us is responsible for reducing our own ecological footprint, therefore, we must reflect a lot on our choices and evaluate the impact they may have on Earth.

No one will change the world alone, but if everyone does their part, together we can delay the degradation of our home, the land.

Ragyard Reworked Project

Ragyard is a unisex brand, born in 2015, it´s a family owned business in North London, this brand presents an irreverent and bold style, perfect to make a difference everywhere. Its priority is sustainability, in all parts recycled materials are used, most of the clothes are not made from scratch, but reused and mixed with creativity, to reduce waste and reuse what already existed. The family travels the world in search of clothes to be able to work, and even happens to find rare items! they are inspired by different cultures for their later creations. they present us with a mix of ecological and modern vintage collections, this level of creativity and awareness is surreal!

This family brand is so special and has such strong ideas about sustainability that you see, every time a member of your team celebrates their birthday, they plant a tree! Last year they were responsible for planting 58 !!!! Wonderful!!!! Not to be enough, every year they choose a different solidarity institution to support. This magnificent work of conscience deserves recognition and prominence at the Clérigos in store in Porto. We love being part of the promotion of this project, being able to offer our clients the style differential with a clear awareness that we are helping a project as noble as Ragyard to grow.

Ragyard London