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5 most beautiful gardens in Porto

I should be honest with you. This text was written before all this craziness going on in the world due to the spread of the virus Covid-19. I thought twice before publishing it but I came to the conclusion that it is even more pertinent now than before, because we need to keep making plans for the future, now more than ever. So, follow us into this quick sneak peak of what we believe to be the 5 most beautiful gardens in Porto.

Porto hides secrets and tells stories and has the most beautiful landscapes in the most unexpected corners. Find them with Clerigos In.

João Chagas Garden

If you are wondering at this moment which garden I am referring to, be surprised! It´s our so near and familiarly called garden of “Cordoaria”. Undoubtedly one of our favorites for some calm time while eating a sandwich and taking some pics! There, we can see some centuries-old sculptures or simply enjoy a shade in a sunny day, after a walking through Porto downtown. It´s very close to Lello´s bookstore and our own flagship, Clérigos In, at Passeio dos Clérigos just across the street from the famous Clérigos Tower.

On weekends, this garden welcomes the nightlife of Porto and is filled with people from all ages and nationalities. You can feel the high spirits and idle talks, in pair or groups, it´s an iconic meeting point in the city. On Wednesdays you can enjoy a special price on beers at Erasmus bar if you’re a fan. This garden promises it’ll always be the perfect starting point for a long night of fun with your friends.

Old sculpture in Cordoaria Garden

Oliveiras Garden

Now this is a treat. Do you want know which is the coolest garden in town? It´s the unique rooftop of our shopping gallery Passeio dos Clérigos. We are biased of course but we are not the only ones to think so. Our customers absolutely love the ritual. After a unique and personalized shopping experience at our concept store, nothing´s better than to enjoy the afternoon, right here on the roof. Casual, contemporary and peaceful like a breath of fresh air in the heart of downtown.

It looks likes we’re transported to another reality, where everything that seems chaotic like traffic, city noises, tourists’ groups and pollution disappears… Giving way to pure pleasure and relax. Enjoy a refreshing drink on fresh gram with a great view to the Clérigos Tower under an Olive tree in the afternoon, that´s all you need for a perfect end of the day, whether you are a tourist of a resident. With 50 olives tree and one amazing bar with background music – BASE, who organize the coolest parties, especially on Summer and everyone dances all night long.

Base Jardim das Oliveiras

Palácio de Cristal Garden

If you´re a garden’s lover for the beauty of flora this one should absolutely be your first choice. You will easily fall in love with the almost twenty acres of diverse plants flowers and trees,while at the same time indulging the amazing sightseeing of the Douro river and Vila Nova de Gaia, the city across de river from Porto.

Besides its natural beauty this garden is also famous for hosting many cultural events throughout the year and for its famous Almeida Garret library inside, plus a restaurant where you can have lunch and afterwards enjoy the peace you will find in the romantic gardens of the palace. They have a large pavilion where many artists perform, with a capacity for 8.000 people today called Super Bock Arena Pavilhão Rosa Mota. If you´re lucky while you’re here you might be able to buy a ticket to a great show at the Super Bock Arena. You can check their agenda here.

Palácio de Cristal Garden

Virtudes Garden

The peculiar vertical garden of Porto. Full with the best sightseeing spots for Douro river, this garden is unique because of its many terraces down the slope. We think Virtudes garden qualifies as the perfect place for a late afternoon picnic with your family or friends.

Nearby you can also find the legendary viewpoint of Virtudes where it has become a habit for the citizens of Porto to go and contemplate one of the most beautiful sunsets of the city lying in the gram or at the terraces of the coffee and restaurant on the street. In summer you can also enjoy some casual and chill out concerts in the garden.

For the flora lovers: inside you can find the biggest Ginko Biloba (a niponic tree) of Portugal with 35 meters and more than 200 years old.

Virtudes Garden

Serralves Garden

Last but not least, Serralves Garden. Around 45 acres of exquisite gardens associated with a strong artistic and architectural vein – Serralves Foundation, house of the contemporary art museum. Exhibitions and events are a constant at the main building but also often spread around the gardens. Visiting this garden is more than a tour for landscape architecture, it is culture, art and information. Recently they have also opened a wonderful and unique treetop walkway so you can enjoy the gardens from above. Here you can find all the information and agenda: Serralves website.

Serralves Garden

This is it, our suggestions of the 5 most beautiful gardens in Porto. Hope we have helped you travel with your mind to these special spots in our city. In case you have visited some of these gardens before let us know which one is your favorite in the comments box and if you have other suggestions we would love to hear them!

With love from ClerigosIn