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When our customers visit Clérigos In, they are usually happy and smiling, because it´s an excellent day for they, Oporto is a city full of interesting monuments and good restaurants in everywhere. this city really breath art and history, the area were our store Clérigos In are included, it´s busy and cheerful, you can make many activities or simply walk around and learn a little about our people. I wanna talk about some spots and monuments very close to us. If you use our store as a reference point you will find many interesting places, for example, one of the main and best known monuments here on our right, Torre dos Clérigos, the old tower with 75 mts (675fts) that inspired our name, and her church behind.She have 240 stairs for you up and see the stunning view for the top.

Torre dos Clérigos

Few meters from the front of Clérigos tower you will find the old prision of the city, builded at sec XVIII. Held prisoners until April 25, 1974 (revolution dos cravos) when the regime of dictator António de Oliveira Salazar, was defeated.

In 1997 it became Portuguese center of photography. They have a beautiful photographic heritage, and it not just that, you can find cameras with over a hundred years, if you’re a photography lover you dont want loose that. It is also a museum, has a permanent exhibition that is charming, and often temporal exhibitions by some professionals of this art.

We have many beautiful churches in all city and many around us, `Carmo´ and ´Carmelitas Descalços´ are only two of many examples that you can freely visit, and appreciate the architecture, the religious sculptures and appreciate the art of painting in tiles onthe outer walls of these buildings. Take a very good pictures here.

Igreja dos Carmelitas Descalços

On this afternoon stroll , if you have some hungry, you can eat one delicious cod cake, at the famous `Casa Portuguesa do Pastel de bacalhau` very near to Clérigos Tower and Clérigos In, they´re worthy and it´s so tasty, just thinking, whet my appetite!!!! Walk a little at the garden, enjoy the shade of trees on Cordoaria, one of the 5 more beautiful gardens of Porto, and find their centenary sculptures, enjoy a good book at the grass, but if you forgot your favorite book at home, dont be disappointed, we have a charming lello´s library at our left, in Carmelitas street, this library inspire the writter of books harry Potter, if youre a fan of thats books and films of that, probably you´ll specially enjoy this visit so buy a ticket for 5 euros and discount this voucher buying a new book!

In Porto the time flys…soo when you’re look at watch maybe you check its dinner time, no problem, go walking to the street and you will have a harder choice, what is your deep desire? Portuguese food… Thai… fast food? we have all here! If you need a very juicy piece of meat, discover the Nogueira´s restaurant at 300 mts of our store, but if you prefer a traditional codfish, go to `Zé Bota`at 280 mts in oppositte direction. My suggestions end for now, i hope to inspire you to visit us, to know the trends, or to worry about eye health, or just pay a visit, and take the opportunity to get to know our surroundings.

See you soon at Clérigos In, take care of you.