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Worthwhile cocktails – Clérigos In Top 5

Hello Friends!!! I hope you´re well !!! Today i give some suggestions so that you have an even better experience on the days that you visit us, youre favourite store in Oporto downtown – Clérigos In. After taking a look at our new items in the store I advise you to relax in one of these places very close to us.

O´Porto continues to evolve at a breakneck pace. And to pay homage to one of the most striking characteristics of the north of the country, hospitality, we had to improve the qualities that have always been ingrained in our culture. It is not new that in the North you eat very well and drink even better! So, this growth gave rise to a talented and creative generation, who decided to explore this enchanted world very well … but … let’s leave the restaurants and the food for another article, in this we will talk about the drink, not wine .. not aged spirits … but cocktails! These Instagram-worthy cups, with mesmerizing colors and white foams that resemble a fluffy cloud where some edible flowers are placed! we will organize a tour that you will not regret and will certainly appreciate the concept of enjoying a drink even more.

We start by leaving everything in the hands of the bartender, telling him what kind of drink you like and the process is almost complete, no one better than him to try to surprise you with an unlikely mix of drinks, fruits, plants or spices that can awaken your senses and transmit feelings that can take you to a very familiar place or to a different planet. If you find creations by the bartender on the menu, even better, you will have the opportunity to step out of your comfort zone. These new drink wizards are like scientists working in the laboratory, the exact science of quantities, concentration, sensitivity and communication are essential characteristics to be a renowned bartender. A new era was born to test the creativity of this generation and we … ordinary mortals … are very lucky to be able to prove these experiences that bartenders provide us, the tassel period is over, these artists deserve to be well paid for their talent, it’s really worth paying 8 or 10 euros for one of these cocktails! Don’t forget to visit us to tell us which cocktail you like best! Here is my personal suggestion for you:

1 – The Royal Cocktail Club

The Royal Cocktail Club is an elegant and sophisticated bar dedicated exclusively to cocktails, from the most classic to the creations of the bartenders who are the biggest attraction of the space, alongside the drinks they prepare with skill in such a ceremonial and artistic way .
Rua da Fábrica 105, 4050-247 Porto
E.L.S.A – The Royal Cocktal Club

2 – Nogueira´s Porto

Nogueira´s is a lifestyle, a contemporary concept marked by professionalism, quality and experience.
R. de Ceuta 23, 4050-191 Porto
Pirate Negroni – Nogueira´s

3 – Golden Oldie

A bar in the center of Porto with a unique spirit of the crazy twenties, where good music, food and drink are the benchmark.

Campo dos Mártires da Pátria n46, 4050-164 Porto
Harmonia - Golden Oldies
Harmonia – Golden Oldies

4 – BOA BAO Porto

Since 2018, the neon red at the entrance welcomes you and invites you to discover a space that, by itself, makes you travel.
Rua da Picaria 61 65, 4050-477 Porto
Sling Dao – BOA BAO

5 – RIB- Beef & Wine

As the RIB is a restaurant that excels in good taste and sophistication, this cocktail trip, for the more fortunate and who want to venture to discover other stories and cultures, is not just any trip, but a trip around the world in a liquid state.
Cais da Estiva, 4050-296 Porto
Jazz Spirit – RIB – Beef & Wine

With Love, Clérigos In