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Clérigos In Gourmet Summer Season

Hello dear friends!!!! I bring news for all of you!!!

Our Store Clérigos In Mouzinho, is full of a new products that you will love! Our store presents an amazing selection of gourmet products throughout the summer, for our most demanding customers not only in style, but also in gastronomy.

100 Hectares Box “Vai Ficar Tudo Bem” available at Clérigos In Mouzinho

We present a special selection of Douro and Alentejo wines, suggested by our partners. In our store you can find ” Quinta do Todão Reserva 2013″ it´s sublime, or the set of three bottles from “100 Hectares”, has a box with a beautiful message full of hope . We have a delicious chutnay of unexpected combinations, like pineapple with spicy or mango with port wine!!!! Delicious ..it´s not? You´ll find many jams … honeycomb … and how could not miss… exelents Port Wines.

Port Wine ” Quinta da Boeira” Available at Clérigos In Mouzinho

“Quinta da Boeira”, “Sandman” and Graham´s are some brands available in Clérigos In Mouzinho. You maybe want to buy a Late Botled Vintage from Warre´s! It´s Phenomenal a good gift for a special firend for example!!!! We have several and fantastic national products, such as canned fish “Cego do Maio” and olive oil from Azibo land.

“Cego do Maio” Canned Fish Available at Clérigos In Mouzinho

During this season visit us and discover the alchemy of Portuguese flavors in our elegant store!

Olive Oil ” Terras de Azibo” Available at Clérigos In Mouzinho

One more thing … if you need sunglasses we still have a special super colorful selection to protect your eyes, use and abuse on the beach, in the countryside or in the city!

“Sheriff and Cherry” Available at Clérigos In Mouzinho

Stay Safe, Clérigos In